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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you actually witches, wiccans or pagans?

No, we are theatrical witches who entertain and raise money for charity. Our members come from many backgrounds and have different beliefs. The Black Hats Society of Historic Irvington does not represent or promote any religion.


How do I join The Black Hats Society of Historic Irvington?

We typically open our membership in January. Membership requires an application, interview, and a background check. Approved members pay yearly dues. We will post on our social media pages to announce when membership opens. 


​How do you pick costumes or characters? Are there costume requirements and is it expensive?

The Black Hats Society promotes creativity and individuality in costuming. Our members choose their own witch characters. Many use inspiration from books, fairy tales, and movies, while others use mythology, nature, and history. Some of our witches keep it simple and some create elaborate costumes. Many use makeup and wigs to enhance their character. We have requirements on how revealing the costumes can be and safety rules. The group does not reimburse or pay for costume expenses. How much each individual spends depends on their budget and goals. Members host thrift store trips, costume exchanges, share sales, and help one another with ideas to reduce costuming expenses.


Do you take requests to perform at events?

The Black Hats Society is based in the Historic Irvington area of Indianapolis. We take requests, but we prefer to stay local and prioritize charitable activity. Please contact us through the website, email, or social media with event requests or ideas.

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