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Irvington Witches Raise Money for Charity


The Black Hats Society of Historic Irvington (TBHSHI), a nonprofit established in 2016, is a social group of theatrical witches based in the Irvington neighborhood of Indianapolis for the purpose of entertaining at community events and raising money for local charities. Founded for participation in the Irvington Halloween Festival, we have many different backgrounds and beliefs and encourage everyone to have fun, be themselves, make friends, and express their creativity.

Charitable Activity

The Black Hats Society of Irvington Inc is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. All proceeds from our fundraising efforts go to local charities, voted on by membership. The council and members of the organization volunteer their time and resources for all costumes, makeup, and events.

2024 Charities:

The Pourhouse


Indiana Youth Group

Past Charities:

Indy Urban Acres

Coburn Place

Joy's House

Helping Paws Indy

Diabetes Youth Foundation

Dancing Witches Donate to Charity


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